Saturday, 24 July 2010

Franchise =P

Hey fellow blog readers...

Beverly has decided to open a Tumblr account!! haha...

So I'll be like updated short posts there instead... Well, long stories i'll still blog HERE but i realized i'm more of a 'short' story person... =P So, if u're interested to know what's going on... follow me there!

click it! u know u wanna! hahaha....
follow me there!!! =D

ciaos bloggers!!!
hopefully i'll be back here soon =P

[roses] are nice. so are you {01:34}

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Gotta learn

Uh-huh... Like my post title says it, i gotta learn how to calm down more -.- and know how and what to say -.- yikes... but i just sometimes feel SO overwhelmed with emotions... and these days, it's agitation! -.-

Gawd! Why do some people always have to make things so darn difficult!??? Anyway... any one have nice apps on iPhone to intro? I'm like so wasted in trying to find new apps... lol.. i just feel like finding smt entertaining... lol...

hm... other than that... i really hope baby's enlistment doesn't come too soon =( but it will -.- sigh... so just gotta learn (again) how to handle myself without depending too much on him...

Aite... that's about all i have til now... lol.. I really dunno what else to blog..

Oh ya... JIAYOU MONDAY HIPPIES!!! haha... =)


[roses] are nice. so are you {01:52}

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Baby's going NS!

Baby will be enlisting on August 3rd!
So... My ultimate goal now is to spend AS MUCH TIME AS I CAN WITH HIM AS POSSIBLE NOW! Lol... I know that's selfish of me... But, I'll definitely miss him loads when he goes in. Moreover, I'm SUPER dependent on him! Imagine I can't see him for more than 2 weeks! The LONGEST I can TAHAN without him is 2 weeks... That's my tolerance level... So... pray hard he'll text me frequently inside =P
Another thing... The Big Groove that just passed recently... Well... WCO was DOPE as usual.. There was some unexpected things from O Crew (Rachel n David hint hint haha) lol... And Quest Crew was just... SICK lah... no other words to describe. HAHA... Just like, dope lor.
So this is to my DEAREST BOYFRIEND! hahaha...
@ TBG '10
I'm Lovin' Him!

Love You!!!


[roses] are nice. so are you {00:22}

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Why is this so?

How can some have so much lack in a sense of urgency? How can one be reminded and scolded so many times but yet relentless of the mistakes repeated? How can someone resort to such a not foolproof and immature way of handling a situation faced?

Right now, I have no idea where to start from. Is it really to the point of no return? I hope not! I hope to see more coming out. I mean, I don't see that it was SO difficult in the past. Than why only now? Can someone tell me? It's getting rather ridiculous I have to say. But whatever. Just CORRECT it!

I can't be telling you what to do all the time. I gotta let go... Actually, I have already let go! -.- So pls just make things better. Learn how to grow from the mistakes instead of just creating more...

--worried. frustrated. brink of giving up.

[roses] are nice. so are you {00:56}

Saturday, 3 July 2010


Hi people! Haha... So, you know those machines at arcades? With 'The Claw'? haha... ok, dear took $1 coin from me and on his first try... he won a LUIGI h/p holder thingy!!! haha... =D of cos he gave it to me... sweetie... =D

Bet u can spot where's Luigi! haha...

Haha.. up front, in-ur-face!

Yup... he's cute! i know right

happy that i got smt from dear... although cost only $1... hahaha

On behalf of Luigi and me... PEACE OUT!

[roses] are nice. so are you {17:52}

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Alright... I realize too that I've not been updating regularly.. but I will try to from now on ok? I'll like write up random stuff and learn how to take more pics in my daily life... HAHA...

Anyway, won't be sharing much today but The Karate Kid and Toy Story 3 is DOPE!!! OMG... I love both movies to the core... =D wahhaha...

Alright... will try to update again soon! Adios amigos for now...

[roses] are nice. so are you {00:59}

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Alright... I'm back for more updates. First of all, birthday, BEST EVER!!! haha... Spend great quality time with dear dear, and had loads of fun with the Codies~~ haha...(ya that's what i call ya'll)

Other than that, now im back at my grandparents place. Can't say i'm enjoying it cos there's an awful lack of privacy. Yup!! And recently suffering from insomnia again. Well, for what reason, i think i know but i'm not sure that's the actual reason... Hm.

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